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    LDAP case-sensitivity with Active directory and automount.

    Andrew Watkins
      I just finished off transferring all out naming servers to AD from an LDAP server and all has gone well.
      I just spotted a few problems with automount and directories with uppercase, where it fails to mount.
      For example:

      # ldaplist -l auto_bbkdcs Startup
      dn: CN=Startup,CN=auto.bbkdcs,CN=dcs,CN=defaultMigrationContainer30,DC=dcs,DC=bbk,DC=ac,DC=uk
           objectClass: top
           objectClass: automount
           automountKey: Startup
           distinguishedName: CN=Startup,CN=auto.bbkdcs,CN=dcs,CN=defaultMigrationContainer30,DC=dcs,DC=bbk,DC=ac,DC=uk
           instanceType: 4
           showInAdvancedViewOnly: TRUE
           name: Startup
           msSFU30NisDomain: dcs
           automountInformation: zeus:/m/zeus2/bbkdcs/Startup
           automountMapName: auto.bbkdcs
           msSFU30Name: Startup

      This fails:
      # ls /bbkdcs/Startup
      +/bbkdcs/Startup: No such file or directory+
      But this works:
      # ls /bbkdcs/startup

      I know AD is case-sensitive but since I see automountKey="Startup" I would expect it to work? Does any one know how to test this to pin point where the error is taking place, since ldapsearch returns the correct information:

      # ldapsearch  msSFU30Name=startup cn
      # ldapsearch  msSFU30Name=Startup cn
      version: 1
      dn: CN=Startup,CN=auto.bbkdcs,CN=dcs,CN=defaultMigrationContainer30,DC=dcs,DC=
      cn: Startup

      I know it not a major problem and I can just move over to lower case, but curiosity killed the system admin....