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    can't login Endeca Studio

      Hi Gurus,

      I just finished Endeca Studio deployment on Weblogic Serer 10.3.5, the Weblogic server is started and running normally. I try to login Endeca studio with default username and password based on the link

      I completely followed http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E29805_01/general.230/eid_install/toc.htm#About%20this%20guide to deploy Endeca Studio on Weblogic Server.

      but I can't login with error: You have entered invalid data. Please try again.
      Authentication failed. Please try again.

      OS: Red Hat Linux 4

      Any comments are appreciated.

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          Have you tried the following id / password? In my case, I was able to login but when I navigate to Control Panel > Data Source, none of the Data Sources show up. Also, there is no option to create a new Data Source. Anyone experienced this issue? Is Weblogic Server even recommended for Endeca Information Discovery version 2.3 or should we stick with Tomcat? Any customers using Weblogic in place of Tomcat? Thanks!

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