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    Running a jar file in Mac OS X is buggy.

      Hi all,

      I wonder if anyone else has noticed the following problem ?

      * My JavaFX application works fine when I launch it from NetBeans.
      * The jar file works fine when I load it with java -jar.
      * The application suddenly gets really buggy when I launch it by double clicking the jar file. I'm not sure what exactly is going wrong, but it appears as though keyevents get messed up or lost.
      * The same application works fine when I run it as a native bundle.

      I am using OS X 10.8 and JDK 7u10 b16.

      The exact same jar file works just fine under Windows 8, running the same version of Java.

      This is really strange.
      I had the exact same "buggy behaviour" when I was using JDK 7u12 b1, but that JDK is no longer on my system.
      Could it be the jar laucher is somehow still using this JDK, although it's no longer in /Library/Java ?