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    Using two different style sheets within one scene

      I am writing a tool with which a user can design screens. In the tool there is a wysiwyg-preview area.
      What I want to do: the tool itself should use a certain style (call it "tool style sheet"). The previewed screen should user a different style, which is defined by the application that is previewed ("application style sheet").

      Is there any chance to define that the outer tool part is using "tool style sheet", the inner part is using "application style sheet"- so to have two different style sheets, being assigned to different areas of the screen (one area being nested into the other).

      Of course...: I could assign special style classes to all tool controls, but it would be much easier for me, if I could avoid this...

      I quite strongly believe that what I want is not possible: scenes cannot be nested one into another, style sheet assignments are done on Scene level.
      But: maybe I am wrong with my assumptions... and maybe there is a simple magic solution...

      Thanks for any advice! - also negative adivce ("this is not possible!") is appreciated!