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    CEP Cluster


      I would like clear my understanding on a CEP cluster. Let's assume I have a 2 node CEP cluster. And 2 events came to node1 and next two came to node2. I would expect when node2 receives 2 events it will have the knowledge of what has happened with node1. In different words if an EPN deployed in the cluster, would behave exactly same no matter an event goes via node1 or node2 or both.

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          OEP's cluster generally supports homogenous active/active architectures, however the 'event delivery' aspect of it is tied to the transport that the application is using, therefore could you elaborate how your app is designed? For example, what kind of inbound transport does it? Is it using a HA adapter?

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            Hi Alex

            Let's assume we are talking about JMS inbound adapter. So my question is whether in HA environment one node in a cluster will be aware of the inbound messages (of same kind)received by the other node(s) in the same cluster. This should be default behaviour of any cluster, I presume. But just to double check my understanding.