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    Translation Issue

    Raj -
      Hi All,

      I have written translation rule as below to achieve exchange rate fluctuation(ERF) on Fixed Asset movements and all Fixed Assets movements will be captured through Custom1 including ERF.

      vFAList = HS.Account.List("Fixedasset", "[Base]")
           For each vFA in vFAList
           HS.Trans "A#" & vFA & ".C1#ADDITIONS" , "" , "A#Clgrate" , ""
           HS.Trans "A#" & vFA & ".C1#DELETIONS" , "" , "A#Clgrate" , ""
           HS.Trans "A#" & vFA & ".C1#OPENING_BAL" , "" , "A#Oprate" , ""
           HS.Trans "A#" & vFA & ".C1#ERF_MOVEMENTS" , "C1#OPENING_BAL" , "A#Clgrate" , "A#Oprate"

      I have a grid which set up with child entity and parent entity (consolidated entity) with Fixed asset account intersection with C1 (Closiing balance, Opening bal,additions, deletions & ERFMovments),and value dimension is set to entity currency respectively and also i have taken USD and INR separately and respectively to check translataed values....

      Issue is, When i input data at child entity(USD) and when i look at parent entity (INR) after consolidation, and the value dimension is EntityCurrency, it is been observed that, opening balance is not been translated(to INR (Parent Currency)) and rest(additions and deletions) have been translated and aggrd at closing balance..... BUT.....! when data been looked at Parent entity's currency (that is INR) and perform translation, then it is giving right figure.....(translated values)...

      Kindly let me know why opening balance is not been translating (at entity currency of parenty entity - Pov) or not showing translated value at parent entity with entity currency value dimension..

      Is any other way to approach for this ERF...

      Raj -
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          Hi Raj,
          If I have understood you well, when you look at the <Parent Currency> of your US entity, OPENING_BAL shows the correct translated value. This travels up the value hierarchy, so you should also check if this is also correct at <Parent Curr Total>, [Proportion], [Contribution] and [Contribution Total]. All these steps are before your number reaches <Entity Currency> of your parent entity (the INR entity). You should have a look at what calculation rules are running on each of all the previous value members, including the <Entity Currency> of the parent entity. If your calculation is correct at the <Parent Currency> of the US entity, then at some other point your value is overwritten, either by some rule or by some journal adjustment.

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            Raj -
            Hi Kostas,

            Yes, when i look from EC to PC and there onwards, translation is happening.

            Now, issue is - OPENING_BAL is C1 member and it is calculated. it picks the value as "C1#OPENING_BAL = C1#CLOSING_BAL.P#LAST.Y#PRIOR".

            The above rule is picking the value as it is specified and apart from this there are other members like Addition and deletion...

            Now, opening_bal is populating value (as per rule) and Addition and Deletion members have been inputed with movement values respectively.

            "Opening_Bal = 100" calculated and picked from last year closing balance
            "Addition"= "10"
            "Deletion" = "-2"

            Opening rate is 2 and closing rate is 2.5

            Opening_Bal has to be translated with opening rate = 100*2 = 200
            Addition and Deletion will be translated with closing rate = 10*2.5= 25 AND 2*2.5=5

            As i mentioned above, for Addition and Deletion members translation is working - these two members are getting translated.
            Where as for Opening_Bal translation is not working.

            But, if i remove "C1#OPENING_BAL = C1#CLOSING_BAL.P#LAST.Y#PRIOR". from the rule and input data manually then Opening_Bal is getting translated...

            so, only Opening_Bal is not getting translated at EC value with Entity is US and INDIA.

            (The above issue is getting when POV - Value Dimension is = EC and Entity is US (Child) and INDIA(Parent)).

            But, when i look at POV - Value Dimension is USD and INR respectively, there i am getting translated value.

            Kindly let me know, is anything holding Opening_bal to get not translated where Opening_bal is set Iscalculated with rule.

            Raj -
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              Hi Raj,
              First of all, translation runs only once for each entity, when your numbers roll-up from <Entity Curr Total> to <Parent Currency>. From that point onwards, the same translated number rolls-up further to the top of the Value dimension (which is [Contribution Total] and from there it passes to the <Entity Currency> of the parent entity. Therefore, from <Parent Currency> onwards TRANSLATION DOES NOT HAPPEN, its just the same translated number, traveling upwards in the hierarchy, unless something else happens and wipes the value (see below).

              From what you describe, it seems that your "C1#OPENING_BAL = C1#CLOSING_BAL.P#LAST.Y#PRIOR" rules run at all levels including <Entity Currency> of the parent entity. Instead of removing this statement completely, try to enclose this in an if statement as below:
              If HS.Entity.IsBase("", "") = True Then
              End If
              This will prevent the rule from running at the parent entity level. But be careful, the best is to fully control at which levels of Value and Entity your OPENING_BAL calculation runs.

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                Raj -
                Hi Kostas,

                As of now I am using the below rule to get the results,

                If HS.Value.Member = "<EntityCurrency" Then
                HS.Exp "Opening = Closing.Lastperiod.PriorYear"
                End If

                the above rule is working fine and getting expected value.

                Now, only thing that, i need to test whether will it impact any other things.....

                Raj -