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    Issue with creation of ADF Table from ADF Tree selection


      Following is the usecase.

      I've created ParentVO & ChildVO from a single table with view criteria to filter the nodes.And then created two View links ParentToChild & ChildToChild.

      Added VOs & corresponding ViewLinks to ApplicationModule. It's got created hierarchy as Parent1->Child1->Chiled2 in Data model section of AM.So Iam done with tree creation process in Model.

      As VC can't be applied for sub levels. In order to set the VCs for sublevels, followed the below approach.

      Created a bind variable for tree. I've set the VC for both parent & child VOs in managed bean before setting the tree variable in setTree method. So now Iam able to display the required tree in UI with applying VCs.

      Now , I can select the required nodes from tree and then click on command button to display the selection list as a table.

      In order to achieve this, I tried below two options.

      1) Created separate Child VO instance (Child3) from Child VO and applied same view which applied initially. and the dragged the Child3 from Datacontrol to UI(jsff) as a table. When I run the application,it's displaying all the records from the DB table without applying VCs.

      2) Dragged the Child2 as a table on UI. When I run the application, it's displaying first record from the table without applying VC.
      But no luck in getting the required functionality.

      I've Following queries.

      a) If we update any transient attribute value for an VO instance, will it effect at VO level or only for that particular instance?

      Why because, I've created new instance of same VO. But the changes are not effecting for transient attributes in the new instance of VO.

      b) Can some one suggest on my usecase to display the selected nodes from a tree in table format?

      I tried my level best to explain the usecase. But let me know,if you have any queries on my usecase.

      Thanks in advance,