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    How to refresh the current row after data modification


      I have a ADF table in the UI whih has 4 columns.

      One of my column has a select one choice.
      Depending upon the value selected i need to calculate something and show it in the value of the last two columns of the row where the user is changing the value.

      My table is a been created from a updatable viewobject of a database.

      Below is my code by which i am able to track the selected row.

      BindingContext bctx = BindingContext.getCurrent();
      DCBindingContainer bc =

      JUIteratorBinding iterRAF =

      AppModuleImpl appModuleImplRAF =
      ViewObjectImpl viewRAF = appModuleImplRAF.getRAF_Assesment_VO1();
      VariableValueManager vmRAF = viewRAF.ensureVariableManager();

      RowSetIterator rowSetIterator = iterRAF.getRowSetIterator();
      Row rowSelected = rowSetIterator.getCurrentRow();

      rowSelected.setAttribute("CustomerImpact", "L");
      // int refreshed=rowSelected.REFRESH_CONTAINEES;
      "Current RiskDescription value" + rowSelected.getAttribute("RiskDescription").toString());
      soa_logger.log(Level.INFO, "Current RiskDescription value");

      but how should i set value in the last 2 column and show it to the user?or rather set the value and refresh the row?

      Thanks in advance for your replies.