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    BOM component's qauntity

      How can a user view that whether BOM's specified quantity has been supplied by the Production Floor/WIP to Inventory or not?

      For example; I am a computer manufacturing company consists of different departments as Production, Sales, etc. Sales Department got an order of 10 PCs. So howcome, Store/Warehouse people will come to know that every component required for assembling a PC is available in Store Onhand area through application.
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          Sanjay Desai EBS
          You can review the stock of components using INVENTORY MODULE --> ON-HAND QUANTITY screen.

          Also, You can check the on-hand stock using WIP module.
          Navigation path : WIP Module > Discrete > Discrete Jobs > Query with Job Name > Select "Component" button > Select "Quantities" Tab > Here you can view the
          On-hand Qty column