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    WebCenter Portal Framework and Analytics Service

    Daniel Merchán
      Hi everyone.

      I'm facing an issue using Analytics in a Custom WebCenter Portal Application (PS5).

      When I add a Analytics Task Flow it is saying: "Analytics Service is not available: datasource could not be found".
      In addition, my JDev connection to activities is logging: "Incomplete connection reference object for connection: Activities"

      Steps that I followed are:
      - Create with RCU new WebCenter/MDS/Activities schemas.
      - Extending existing WebCenter domain with CustomPortal manage Server.
      - Create WebCenter Portal Application.
      - Create DataBase connection for ACTIVITIES and assigned as ActivitiesDS.
      - Configured collector with Enterprise Manager.

      I review all JDBC, JNDI names etc...

      Can I have in the same domain WC_Spaces and WC_CustomPortal using the same collector?.
      Someone expirience the same problem?.

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          Daniel Merchán

          Update: Using ActivitiesDS used by WC_Spaces in Custom Portal is running ok.

          The problem reside that in collector.log of WC_CustomPortal is always looking for "java:comp/env/jdbc/ActivitiesDS"

          My Custom Portal Data Source have next JNDI Name: jdbc/activities/CustomPortalDS

          If I change web.xml / weblogic.xml data sources reference always is looking for "java:comp/env/jdbc/ActivitiesDS" and not for the custom schema.

          Then the problem is reduced to... How to use a custom Activities schema in a WebCenter Portal Application instead of ActivitiesDS?

          By the moment I'll use the same schema of Spaces. I know that is not problem use the same... but i really want to use different.