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    Code Signing for MacOS 10.8+

      Anyone have a sample build setup for signing the .app file before creating the DMG? How to make this part of the build process?

      I have an Apple developer id, but wondering how to integrate signing in the JavaFX build process (native bundles)
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          These talks cover that topic:

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            Very helpful thank you. I learned a lot, esp about building for the Mac Store, which I hope to do.

            I was hoping for some examples from someone who integrated the signing into the build process. I am unclear from the video presentation how to take My.app, sign it, then generate a DMG from it., especially as part of the build process.
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              I have something like this which gives me a signed app bundle (.app). I then manually create a DMG using DMG Canvas.
              <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no"?>
              <project name="testMacOSXBuild" 
                  <target name="default">
                   <fx:jar destfile="${dist.dir}/${out.jar}">
                   <fx:deploy width="${applet.width}" 
                       <!-- code signing. -->
                       <exec executable="/bin/bash">
                            <arg value="scripts/mac/code_sign.sh"/>
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                building for the Mac Store
                There was an earlier Q&A about building for the Mac App Store which you might find helpful:
                JavaFX apps for Mac App Store

                There is also a related question on StackOverflow:

                And a detailed blog post about how somebody placed a non-JavaFX app in the app store:

                And there is a high level overview of how Ensemble was packaged for the app store:

                I think it's planned to build Mac App Store distributable bundles as part of the javafx packaging work, but there are currently some difficulties and bugs in doing it with JavaFX 2.2.3 which will hopefully be fixed for a future 2.2.x release.
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                  Yeah, I watched some of the App Store video - many steps. I'll head in that direction, but for right now I just need to sign for OS X 8