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    Disable new button in Invoice Workbench

      Does anyone know how to disable the new button in the Invoice Workbench form? Setting profile option 'AP: Use Invoice Batch Controls" = Yes seems to do it, but we don't want to use Invoice batching.

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          In other terms you want to have a Payables Responsibility which does not allow users(few) to create

          Invoices ..? In which case, follow the below steps,

          1) Create a new Payables Responsibility from System administrator responsibility
          2) The Invoice Section of the responsibility contains two submenus, you have to exclude the menu related to Entry so that only inquiry is made available to others...
          The main Menu for Invoices is AP_INVOICES_GUI12 , the submenu for Invoice Entry is AP_INVOICES_ENTRY_GUI12 (This needs to be excluded from the new responsibility you are going to create), the submenu for Invoice Inquiry is AP_INVOICES_INQUIRY_GUI12.

          By performing the above, you are allowing only inquiry level acccess which means NEW button would look disabled, without making any modification to the Invoice batch controls profile option ...