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    UPK 11.1 Knowledge center error while connecting from Client

      Hi ,

      I have installed UPK11.1 (windows 2003 r2 64 bit OS, DB - Oracle) Knowledge center and Developer Client and server in same machine , when i try to connect developer client and server with the URL ' http://server/ODSContent' it prompts me for Userid and pwd and when entered it worls fine without any error.

      But when i try to access the Knowledge center from client by giving URL 'http://server/Kcenter' i get an error "The Library location cannot be found on the server" . I checked the installed directory path for both

      Developer client and server : C:\Program Files (x86)\User Productivity Kit\UPK Developer 11_1Server\Repository.WCF

      Knowledge center : C:\Program Files (x86)\User Productivity Kit\Knowledge Center 11_1\Web Server\KCenter

      Both are installed in the same location.

      Could you please let me know why am i getting the error "The Library location cannot be found on the server" and also can i install both 'Knowledge center' and Developer client and server' in same machine.