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    Interactive charts

      Hi , i am new to apex , ..

      Is there any to make charts interactive,, I mean i create an interactive report and the chart should change based on the filters applied on the report....

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          can any one help me with this?
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            Bas de Klerk

            this is out of the box functionality. If you create an IA report and make a graph of this ( via action/format/chart ) the IA report filters get applied to your report and graph.

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              thanks for your reply.. It is helpful . yet i need one more doubt...

              Take a scenario of Company.. Where there are Managers and employees ..

              I need to create a chart with dropdown , where when i click employees i should get employee chart and when i click Managers i should get managers chart .....

              Is this possible in APEX?

              Thank you

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                Bas de Klerk
                Hi Nihar,

                when using IA reports you can save a report definition via Action - Save report
                You can generate all kind of alternatives as long as the data is in you master report ( which you create as developer ).
                So you can create a report "Manager chart" and a report "Employee chart"
                for more details check the APEX docu on IA reports.
                Short version :

                Full docu :