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    Excellent Tutorial Docs

      Hi All,

      I got this excellent tutorial doc format which is very easy to follow ;) and which helped me a lot to setup a dbms_scheduler on Sqldev.
      Before this, I hate a lot to read DBMS_SCHEDULER because of high level complexities, that reading it gives me a lot of stress. Now I enjoyed understanding the simple steps done.


      I hope all the docs of oracle will be converted in this format :)

      My question is, where can I get/download all the of Oracle docs that are written in this format? How do I search google such that it will return all the hits
      of any topic "under the sun" of this format?

      I am very very very grateful to oracle for this kind of docs, that I want to donate 100USD for the foundation for developing this kind of docs :D

      Thanks a lot,
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