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    Taskflow resource in default navigation model throws error while redirectin


      A Taskflow(with pages - extended based on a common template used across the appl) is dropped under a Page in the default-nav model. The structure is as below.

      -> Page1
      -> Page2 -> Taskflow(with pages)
      -> Page3

      From Page2, I click on a goLink to navigate to the TF(whch opens in a new window). Now, If I click on any global link(to Page1 or Page3 or any other page), I am getting an exception that "#{bindings.sitestructurerenderer1.regionModel}" is evaluating to null.

      an excerpt of the the exception log says:

      java.lang.IllegalStateException: The expression "#{bindings.sitestructurerenderer1.regionModel}" (that was specified for the RegionModel "value" attribute of the region component with id "r1") evaluated to null.
      This is typically due to an error in the configuration of the objects referenced by this expression.
      If it helps, the expression "#{bindings.sitestructurerenderer1}" evaluates to "null".
      If it helps, the expression "#{bindings}" evaluates to "<Org>_<appname>_portal_PageTemplatePageDef". Now using an empty RegionModel instead.

      Also, I am using the fancy-url that I get when registering a page/tf in default-nav model for redirecting.
      All the pages in the app use the same pageTemplate and the pageTemplate has its pageDef file created.

      Is there any guideline I am missing while using a TF as a resource in the default-nav model, as a sub-page does the same job perfectly.


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