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    Adding JBoss Application Server for Monitoring

      How do you add a JBoss Application Server for monitoring? Is there a way to add it silently like silent install of the host target?
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          It is a manual process, you need to launch Jboss discover UI using Targets > Middlware page.
          Also, please use JVMD for more detailed analysis.

          You need to specify JARs based on the version of the JBoss -
          Note - Please check the support site for exact certified versions of JBoss.

          JBoss 4:
          dom4j.jar jboss-management.jar jnp-client.jar
          jbossall-client.jar jboss-client.jar

          JBoss 5:
          concurrent.jar jboss-javaee.jar jboss-serialization.jar
          dom4j.jar jboss-jsr77-client.jar jbosssx-as-client.jar
          jbossall-client.jar jboss-logging-spi.jar jbosssx-client.jar
          jboss-client.jar jboss-management.jar jnp-client.jar
          jboss-common-core.jar jboss-remoting.jar jboss-integration.jar jboss-security-spi.jar

          JBoss 6:
          concurrent.jar jboss-management.jar
          dom4j.jar jboss-remoting.jar
          jbossall-client.jar jboss-security-spi.jar
          jboss-client.jar jboss-serialization.jar
          jboss-common-core.jar jbosssx-as-client.jar
          jboss-ejb-api_3.1_spec.jar jbosssx-client.jar
          jboss-integration.jar jboss-transaction-api_1.1_spec.jar
          jboss-jsr77-client.jar jnp-client.jar

          If you plan to use JVMD then you should select Remote Agent for discovery/monitoring.
          JNDI service should be configured and Naming Service port should be open.
          Agent should be able to communicate with the host and JNDI port.
          Above list of JARs to be copied on the agent machine (location provided as library path during discovery)

          Could you please share customer details and usecases.