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    SOA 10g: Cluster set up-Help is appreciated


      I'm trying to set up vertical cluster in my WIN 2008 dev env. This is my understanding, pls correct if im wrong

      1. two nodes to be created (i.e two oracle_home (ex: Oracle_AS1 and Oracle_AS2) in the same box (ex: orafusmachine)
      2. each node will have 1 oc4j instance.
      3. make the two nodes into cluster by modifying the opmn.xml of each nodes(ex: <nodes list="orafusmachine.com:6200,orafusmachine.com:6201"/>)
      4.set the ant orabpel property to 'true'
      5. If I deploy my BPEL to any one of the node, I should be able to see the deployment happen to both the nodes.

      In this set up, I don't want to set up external load balancer. In this case, how do i achieve the cluster?