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    flashback buf free by RVWR is in top-5 wait event.

      Hi Team,

      I am having slowness in my database. due to this i am getting some of the query getting timed out. while i view the AWR ,i am seeing the wait event-flashback buf free by RVWR. Can you please help me will it affect the database performance. and in the foreground wait even.

      flashback buf free by RVWR shows :132waits & 90 timout. ( what is the meaning of timout) is that meaning 90 timeout to wait for flashback file system.

      Event Waits Time(s) Avg wait (ms) % DB time Wait Class
      control file sequential read 3,013 3,836 1273 53.25 System I/O
      db file sequential read 298,849 1,522 5 21.13 User I/O
      unspecified wait event 299,096 728 2 10.10 Other
      DB CPU 682 9.47
      flashback buf free by RVWR 132 125 945 1.73 Other

      Please help me on this.