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    Update Field On Change For A SQL Query (updateable report)

      I'd like to request help from anyone with ideas on how to solve this.
      We are using APEX 4.2, 10GR2, RedHat5.

      I have a report that comes from SQL Query (updateable report).
      I'm using the apex_item.text and apex_item.hidden on fields.
      I'm using a button to submit and after submit process to add some logic that I need.

      There could be 1 - 10 records in the report.
      There is only 1 field that is needed to enter a value, but the value of this field determines the value of another field.
      I think that I can do this with a submit button and an after submit process where I loop through all the records. I think I have this handled.

      This is the question

      When the value of that field is changed then the value of another field in the same row changes immediately.
      Is this possible?
      All the examples I've seen so far are for a single record and that doesn't work for us.

      I guess this is a MRU process but I haven't seen an example where a dynamic action is possible on a Multi Row Update.

      Could anyone direct me to where I can see an example or help me get directions?

      I appreciate all your help an comments and I thank you in advance.