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    APEX 4.Loosing translatable text when exporting/importing to new workspace

    yvan strasbourg
      Hi everyone,

      I am developing a bilingual application (base English translated to french) and I noticed something weird when exporting/importing to another workspace.

      First, my application is flagged as requiring synchronization after an import. Yes, I did check that it was not flagged right before the export. I did choose Export Translations.

      Secondly, when I look at the translated application in the new workspace, my Region Names are not translated anymore (in english instead of french). When I cmpare the 2 Translation Repositories (using the Manually Edit Translation Repository) I lost all Region Names entries (Column Description = Region name).

      Thirdly, when again comparing the 2 Translation Repositories, I have the same number of Strings and Distinct Strings by if I group by Column Descriptions the sub-totals differ and I don't even have the same distinct Column Descriptions.

      My test was done with my development workspace and a test workspace (where I deleted all application prior to my test) in the same instance.

      Anybody had these problems?

      Thanks all

      I am using on the Oracle Database 11g Express Edition.