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    Inherited a T5120 -- how to get a console?

      So I've recently inherited a T5120; although I've admin'd other Unix and related machines recently, I haven't had any experience adminning anything from Sun since the early 90s when I took care of a Sparcstation 2 and a few IPCs.

      As if it knew it was being handed off to someone, the T5120 has just developed an issue: pings are echoed back, but it's refusing incoming SSH connections. The hardware fault light is not lit; the OK light is lit. With other machines, I'd go to the console to see what was up; but this is in a rack and has no console permanently on it. So I prepared to grab a monitor and keyboard, only to find things a bit confusing.

      From what I see, and from what I've picked up online, the recommended way of getting a console is through a connection to a "service management port" that takes an RJ-45 (ethernet) connector and splits it out into a DB-15 for video and a DE-9 for keyboard. I've never seen such a converter, and I can't remember the last time I saw a DE-9 keyboard. Do I really have it right that this is how you're supposed to do it?

      The T5120 also appears to have a video card in a PCIe slot; the previous administrator of this machine left a DVI connector cable hanging off of that. Just trying anything I can, I went ahead and plugged a monitor into that and a keyboard into a USB port, and got garbage on the screen.

      Any advice would be very helpful . . .

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          To control this tin access to the service processor, SP is sometimes necessary, and access to the serial management port is best as you can reset anything from that ....

          To cut a long story short look for .....

          cisco console cable DB9 to RJ45 ( A famous auction site should have them for pennies .... often light blue) ... it goes into SER MGT.

          And put a PuTTy on a PC/Laptop (using a usb to serial if absolutely necessary) ( ComX 9600 baud).

          ... But dont plame me if it doesn't help. .... ...... its just a suggestion and its your money.

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            One source of confusion was my mis-interpretation of the diagram that showed an RJ-45 cable going to what I thought was a DB-15 and a DB-9. It's one or the other.

            Anyway, I've got a console now, thanks; I had to use another rackmounted linux server to get it, but I've got one. And now have identified new problems with this machine to solve, hehe.