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    How to construct reusable user-defined data types


      The problem I am trying to solve is relatively simple so I hope there is a decent solution in Oracle 10g. The problem is that I have several tables with field definitions which have a check constraint to restrict values to "Yes" or "No". It seems really wasteful that this same check constraint is repeated in other table definitions with similar fields. So I was looking to define my own data type with this general check constraint which I can then use as needed in any table definition.

      I hope that makes sense. I would really appreciate any thoughts and experiences you could share with me to help me reach a decent solution.

      Many thanks and kind regards,

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          Are you developing with Oracle Designer? This is the Oracle Designer forum, not for general database design questions.

          But if you ARE using Designer, there is a way to create "domains" and add a list of valid values to the domain. Any column created in that domain will get an appropriate check constraint.

          BTW, if you aren't using Designer, but you use SQL Developer Data Modeler - SDDM can do this too.