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    Cluster Help..

      Hi All,

      In my organization we have developed webservices to service client requests, those webservices are deployed on managed servers under single admin server, But there is no clustering mechanism defined(there are no clusters implemented). we are facing the "Warning" health problem of some of our servers in our peek timings.

      my question is that " **whether Clustering could help to solve this issue, because i have read somewhere that clustering can help to solve JMS and JTA issues, i am not sure about webservices issue???*".

      your help is highly appreciated.


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          Hi Mansoor,

          Yes,Clustering would help in your case..
          For example,

          1)Consider u have cluster of 2 managed server.The requests would handled by both these managed server.In your current case,the entire load in on 1 jvm itself.

          2)If your making ur environment into cluster,Even at any point of time if your 1 jvm crashes..there is another to take the load and in this way,application processing will continue and services is not hampered.In your current case with 1 jvm,this is not possible.

          Please follow the below docs regarding the advantages of clustering.

          we are facing the "Warning" health problem of some of our servers in our peek timings.
          This might be due to stuck threads. since lot of load on the jvm and its taking time to process the request.
          Analyses during peak hours,What is actually causing the bottleneck.Check the reason why the server is goin to warning state.

          Go to Deployments-->Monitoring tab (Check datasource,ejb,jms,jta tabs)
          Even take 3-4 thread dumps and see where the threads are stuck

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            Kalyan Pasupuleti-Oracle

            Deftly Adding of Cluster into your environment will improve performance great load balancing.

            Where as you want to know whether your Webservices application will be able to deploy on cluster or not I would say we can deploy on cluster environment It will help it many issues like one is your avoiding memory spikes etc.

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              Thanks for your answer, I will try this solution and than let you know about the result of this.