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    Looking for Hyperion Hosting Thoughts/Recommendations


      I am hoping to get some opinions/thoughts about some of the companies providing Hyperion Application Hosting services. We are looking to move our Hyperion environment to a hosted service where someone could monitor the hardware, provide some services for Hyperion specific tuning related to the infrastructure and apply patches and upgrades. I know there is a service provided by Oracle and Secure 24 but any other suggestions? Has anyone worked with a hosting company and have feedback or suggestions.

      Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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          John A Booth
          I have work with Secure 24 -- they are as good as any choice in the hosting world.

          Realize you usually are getting hardware and infrastructure assistance not a turn-key service who has deep functional application knowledge. They can all patch, monitor, and backup the environment.

          Expecting them to be deep application experts is usually wishful thinking. If that is your expectation you should look for a hosting provider and a managed services provider which may be two separate companies.

          Additionally I would avoid any hosting providers that do not have dedicated infrastructure/disaster recovery. e.g. If the hosting provider is relying on a Cloud platform e.g. Amazon EC2/Rackspace then I would look at another provider. Both Oracle and Secure-24 have their own dedicated hardware and DR sites.


          John A. Booth
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            Great, thanks so much for your time and feedback John.

            Thanks again,