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    IE-8 unable to access WL console for 12cR2

      OEM Grid: 12c Release 2
      DB: EE
      OS: RHEL 5.8
      IE-8: 8.0.6001.18702

      I have successfully installed 12cR2 and have everything working.

      Using Chrome I could access both the Cloud Control URL and the WL Admin Server URL.

      But, when using IE-8 I could only access the Cloud Control URL. When trying to access the WL Admin Server URL I receive "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage".

      I have tried every reasonable configuration combination for IE-8 trying to get access but nothing has worked.

      Granted, for both URLs there is the "website's security certificate" issue but this isn't a problem with IE-8 and the Cloud Control URL so it seems reasonable to think that it wouldn't be a problem with the WL console.

      This isn't a problem for me since I can use chrome successfully but I did find it strange due to the symptoms and thought that perhaps there was some kind of bug.