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    Creating sitestudio content from webcenter portal

      We are showing sitestudio content from webcenter portal. We are using content presenter task flow and a template.

      We want user to create content also so we have provided him a go-link with destination as http://<server-name>/cs/resources/wcm/custom/sitestudio/contentwizard/webcenter/contentwizard.hcsp?dDocType=Document&cpRegDef=<REGION_DEF_NAME>&cpIframe=true

      When user clicks on this button, he was given an option, if he wants to modify existing cdf or to create new cdf. If user select new cdf and hit 'next', he is shown a new page to enter document metadata.

      We have following requirement on this metadata screen.
      1. Only very few fields are needed. So we need to hide most of the fields from this form.
      2. We need to default most of the values. There are some custom field also, which we should like to get defaulted.
      3. We would like to change its styling.
      4. Is there any way that we skip the first page which shows option for new cdf and existing cdf. We would like user to directly jump to new-cdf metadata page.

      Is there any way to achieve above mentioned requirements?