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    Getting error While testing Web Service deployed Glassfish using Net beans.

    Ajay Sharma

      I created a web service in netbeans. I deployed it on glassfish server too.

      My web service contains one method which return type is Document. Here is my web service class code.
      @WebService(serviceName = "DocumentTest")
      public class DocumentTest {
           * This is a sample web service operation
          @WebMethod(operationName = "hello")
          public String hello(@WebParam(name = "name") String txt) {
              return "Hello " + txt + " !";
          public Document getDocument(){
              Document doc = null;
              return doc;
      After Deployment when I m testing the web service I am getting follwoing error on Browser
      Error generating artifacts for the following WSDL http://localhost:8093/DocumentTest/DocumentTest?WSDL
      Possible causes can be invoking https when the application is not configured for security
      I am just testing whether I can send Document object or not.

      Ajay Sharma

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