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    Need to replace default icon for LIKE functionality

      We are using Document Viewer Taskflow & we would like to have 'LIKE' default star icon replaced by the text 'LIKE' or icon of our choice (e.g. like thumbs up image). Please suggest.

      I have already checked the OOTB TF customization & the default icon is coming from some custom tag library implementation. PFB the details for rendering like icon in OOTB:

      Library Name: Webcenter Document Library Service View

      TF: oracle/webcenter/doclib/view/jsf/taskflows/docViewer/documentViewer.xml

      JSFF: oracle/webcenter/doclib/view/jsf/taskflows/docViewer/viewer.jsff

      Tag lib: xmlns:likes="http://xmlns.oracle.com/webcenter/likes"

      <likes:likesLink id="likesLnk" rendered="#{pageFlowScope.docViewer.likesRendered}" serviceId="#{pageFlowScope.docViewer.item.serviceId}" objectType="#{pageFlowScope.docViewer.item.resourceType}" objectId="#{pageFlowScope.docViewer.item.resourceId}" scopeId="#{pageFlowScope.docViewer.item.scope != null ? pageFlowScope.docViewer.item.scope.GUID : null}" myLike="#{pageFlowScope.docViewer.item.attrs.myLike}" likesCount="#{pageFlowScope.docViewer.item.attrs.likesCount}"/>