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    using OWB in MOC map i am getting error:java.lang.reflect.invoc

      Hi All,

      When i am trying to deploy any of the ammping using OWB for oracle MOC.

      As part of the deployment, when I tried for the first following mapping:

      using MTH-->MTH_TARGET--> Mapping

      · List of deployable objects and category (EBS-Specific / Non-EBS Specific)
      · EBS Specific-Maps : MTH_WO_OI_INIT_DMF_MAP

      I am gettinge the following error while opening the map :

      Because of that its not deploying at all for any of the mapping.

      I am sometimes getting error nested transactions are being carried out .But if I logging in and logging out this error doesn't comes but the error which I mentioned comes. (java.lang.reflect.invocationtargetexception)

      Will appreciate, if anybody gets teh same error or have some solution.