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    Issue when trying to import Contractor OTL timesheet in Purchasing

      Hi All,

      Scenario : To procure the contractors, raise the complex po(Enable Pay when Paid option), enter timesheet through OTL, receipt it by running the retrieve time into purchasing and raise an AP Invoice.

      Steps carred out while testing:
      1)I raised a request for Contractor Labor through Iprocurement, Auto-approved
      2)Raised a Complex PO from Purchasing responsibility under Buyer Worker Center, as I will be able to choose the Option Pay when Paid only for the Complex PO and this option is not available in any other PO type, PO Auto-approved). Linked the requisition to the above PO aswell.
      3)Created Contractors records through the approved PO notification link
      4)Entered OTLtimesheet for Contractor, from his login
      5) When Iam trying to import this OTL timesheet through the request "Retrieve Time from OTL" it is giving me an error message as "

      RTP errors : RCV_WC_CREATE : Error: You cannot process a receipt against this PO using the Open Interface. Please create a Work Confirmation request instead.
      The above process is run in order to do the automatic receipt and create an Invoice for this PO/Receipt in AP.

      I have enabled required profile options(Purchasing/Projects)preference setup is also done in OTL.

      Can you please suggest as how to fix the issue.

      Note: We are not using deliverable in the project.

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