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    Not able to edit Flat File Location path

      We are using OWB 11gr2. We have two control centers cc1 and cc2 along with the Default Control Center. There are two flat file locations ff1 and ff2. ff1 is registered to cc1 and ff2 is registered with cc2 . We are able to unregister ff1 and register again after changing the path. But for ff2, we found the parameter PATH is not editable during registration after unregistering from cc2.
      During the investigation, we have found the If we edit the Control Center cc2, the check box of all the data locations , available at right side ( Selected Location) are disabled and it is not possible also to detach the location, i.e. to move the location at left side ( Available Locations) . But for cc1, the check box are editable and we can move it to detach the location from control center. Please advise how to enable the path of Flat File location and how to enable the check box of available locations of the cc2.