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    Oracle Report with hyperlink destination within the same report

      Hi All,

      Im trying to get the hyperlink functionality to work wherby i can use a hyperlink to link to another part of my report, almost like a master/detail report with a listing at the beginning with the ability to hyperlink to the relevant detail breakdown futher down the report.

      I have a Field called F_company1 with source company_num and another field called F_company2 with source company_num (both from same data source)
      i wish to be able to click on the F_company1 field and be brougt to the corresponding F_company2 field
      I have set up the hyperlink settings under properties for F_company1 with #'COMPANY_NUM_' || LTRIM(TOCHAR(:COMPANY_NUM)) and the hyperlink destination settings under properties for F_company2 with 'COMPANY_NUM_' || LTRIM(TOCHAR(:COMPANY_NUM)) so that they should dynamically match and therfore link?
      however what i am finding is that when i click on the hyperlink field in the PDF it brings me to the end of the report and not to the corresponding comapny number , am i missing something or indeed doing something wrong in this approach

      Using Oralce Reports 10G , WindowsXP,

      Many Thanks
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          Hey All , i was able to get this working using format triggers on the two fields instead

          i.e using something like below
          SRW.SET_HYPERLINK('#EMP_DETAILS_&<' || LTRIM(TO_CHAR(:SSN)) || '>');
          SRW.SET_LINKTAG('EMP_DETAILS_&<' || LTRIM(TO_CHAR(:SSN)) || '>');

          found in the following article - http://docs.oracle.com/html/A73173_01/output/pbr_xml.htm#1010333
          under Program unit and hyperlink example

          It now works