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    Create Indiviidual Prompt within Answers

      I need to create a report that will help with decision based analytics however, I have to create this for the day to day user. I would like to know if it is possible to create an OBIEE ANSWERS analysis with individual prompts for each record that is displayed. Meaning the user would select the prompt (let's just say the prompt says Yes/No). Should the user select yes then the prompt will change the other measures values based on the users selection. I.E If the user select yes and there are a 100 records pending then the count will automatlically drop to 99 because the user selected "Yes" to the work prompt for that record. The trick is that I need to know how to set up a prompt for each one of those 100 records. So that the user will can select each records he/she decides to select and get the known result each day.


      Records returned would display the following:

      John Doe/ 123456789 /Male / Days Pend 100 / Work Yes or No
      Jane Doe 987654321 / Female / Days Pend 200 / Work Yes or No