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    wierd cifs issue on OEL5U5 PVM guest

      First. I know its either storage issue or a Oracle VM issue. I can't reproduce the problem on a non virtualized OEL5U5 host and I know its a cifs issue because it doesn't do it over NFS. Any version of NFS.

      I have a few shell scripts that pickup user posted files from a cifs share on a windows 2003 server. We either copy the file or mv the file. Either way... same issue. What happens is a the file being copied or moved will not copy with a permissions error on the target filesystem path. The error doesn't seem to come from the cifs share itself but the cifs mount must be "garbling" the cp or mv. It creates a blank file with the following permissions regardless of what linux user tries to copy it.


      Anyone see something like this before? The target path is actually a NFS mount. It will copy to a local $HOME dir on a virtualdisk that is also NFS mounted.
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          Are you asking about the SGID bit?

          There's also a ACL associated with that file so maybe whatever is running the job doesn't have access to it.

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            That's what I referring as being "wierd" even though its not necessarily "wierd". Just wierd to the process. There is no reason for a process to cp or mv a file from a cifs share to "add" the SGID "bit". Turns out I can disable this in my storage. I set "Disable setuid/setgid file creation" on the share and it started working correctly. The CIFS mount was a submount of a NFS share.

            Now what would Oracle VM change about my process.....that would cause a simple "cp" or "mv" command to add the setgid "bit" to the target file?