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    Inventory transactions not transferring to PA

      Running, just doing some testing on a clone of PROD. I am new to INV and PA.

      I am trying to code a transaction in Inventory to a Project, and to then see that transaction in Projects.

      These are the steps I am following:
      01. Miscallaneous Transaction
           a. Choose Organization
           b. Date: 27/11/2012 16:12:06
           c. Type: Counter issue - Project
           d. Source: Projects
      02. Click "Transaction Lines"
      03. Select Item with stock against it
      04. Subinventory: accept default
      05. UOM: EA
      06. Quantity: 5
      07. Selling Price: .79
      08. Fill in project details. I confirmed Project status is not closed, so project looks to be okay
      09. Save changes
      I can now see the transactions via this SQL for the tests I have done today:
      SELECT mmt.request_id
           , mmt.costed_flag
           , mmt.*
        FROM inv.mtl_material_transactions mmt
       WHERE mmt.creation_date >= '27-NOV-2012';
      15041313               13459424     27/11/2012 15:24:36     27/11/2012 15:20:24     88666               6999687
      15041337               13459433     27/11/2012 15:59:37     27/11/2012 15:57:28     88666               6999687
      15041337               13459434     27/11/2012 15:59:37     27/11/2012 15:57:28     88666               6999687
      15041337               13459435     27/11/2012 15:59:37     27/11/2012 15:57:28     88666               6999687
      15041359               13459441     27/11/2012 16:14:39     27/11/2012 16:14:28     86666               6999687
      The Cost Manager process is running fine, and the "Actual Cost Worker" job is running too.

      However, the transactions are not hitting projects, or the projects interface table:

      This returns a NULL:
      SELECT * FROM pa.pa_transaction_interface_all ptia
      WHERE ptia.creation_date >= '27-NOV-2012';
      I have run these jobs:

      PRC: Interface Miscellaneous Inventory Costs from Oracle Inventory (Request Set)
      PRC: Transaction Import - Inventory stores Uplift

      But they make no difference.

      I wondered if anyone might be able to advise where I am going wrong, or what other things I can check please?

      Any advice much appreciated.

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          Fixed it - I had to run "PRC: Interface Miscellaneous Inventory Costs from Oracle Inventory (Report Set)" and then it worked, as this job spawned:

          Projects Cost Collection Manager
          Material Cost Collection Worker
          PRC: Transaction Import

          That then created an Expenditure Batch, containing the data from the Counter Issues I did yesterday.