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    Hyperlink option in Siebel BI Publisher Report


      Can we have Hyper linking concept in siebel bi publisher report ?

      We have one requirement where the report should have master detail link. If user opens the master report and clicks a record in it, that should take him to the child report(next page) of the report.
      User should be able to navigate from one page to another page within the Siebel bi publisher report with the hyper linking option.In this case we can consider the report is having data in 2 to 3 pages and thus hyper linking is required to navigate the page from parent to child or page to page.

      Please help me whether this can be possible in Siebel BI Publisher ? Also, help with the step by step details on achieving this requirement ?

      FYI: We are using Siebel Public Sector Application 8.2.2 and BI Publisher running on Windows ?

      Let me know if you need nay more information int his regard