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    AME for Purchase Requisitions

    Dilip Talluri
      Hello All

      I am in the process of setting up AME in R12.1.2 for purchase requisitions and got struck with an issue
      My requirement is to route the requisition to a particular job based on the item category and the requisition total. I setup conditions, action types and approval groups and then the rule.
      When I used static in my Approval Group setup it works fine with out issues however we do not want to use static as employees keep changing and want my approval driven out of the job hence updated the approval group to use Dynamic usage type and used the below query to pick the name of the employee based on the job.

      select papf.full_name from per_all_assignments_f paaf, per_all_people_f papf, per_jobs pej where
      paaf.person_id = papf.person_id
      and sysdate between paaf.effective_start_date and paaf.effective_end_date
      and paaf.job_id = pej.job_id
      and pej.name like 'IT.Group IT Operations Manager.Staff'

      Now when trying to create a requisition it shows up a message that "Approval List could not be generated. Please contact your System Administrator to review AME rules setup."

      When validated the above query it says query is valid but still not working. I even tried with person_id but still no luck

      Thanks a ton in advance