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    Vacation accrual balance question


      We have a requirement to show accruals in days but the absence hours can be multiples of 4. For that, I have defined absence element with input as hours and accrual plan with units as hours. This is working fine but the vacation net entitlement is shown in hours. Is there a way to enter absences in multiples of 4 but show final entitlement in days?
      Another question is, is there a way to default normal hours to all employees as 08:00 to 17:00? If I am entering absence from 28-Nov-2012 08:00 to 29-Nov-2012 12:00, the system is calculating it as 28 hours instead of 12 hours. If I enter normal hours in employees assignment as 08:00 to 17:00, then the formula is calculating it as 12 hours. so I want to default the normal hours to all the employees without having to update the formula.

      Please help..

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          Vigneswar Battu
          Hi Jay,

          #1. If you enter the Absences in Hours, the entitlement will also be shown in hours (Unless you create a custom form and use custom code to deduce the days).
          Another way is to define the absences in Days, and use 1/2 day (0.5 day) instead of 4 hours.

          #2. You can default the starting, ending times and hours worked at the Business Group level or HR-ORG level. This would default the hours on all person-assignments.
          Absences are calculated based on -
          -Work Schedules
          -Work Patterns
          -Standard working hours on Assignment form
          in the same order depending on profiles - HR: Schedule Based Absence Calculation etc..

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            Thanks Vignesh..
            The problem with entering absence in multiples of .5 days is that we need to allow employees to override the duration.
            e.g if I enter 28-Nov-2012 to 28-Nov-2012, the formula is calculating it as 1 day.I can override it to 0.5 but we do not want to give access to employees to override the absence duration calculated by the formula.
            Well.. I guess we have to choose between one or the other as we do not want to take custom form route..

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              Giuseppe Bonavita
              Maybe you can define a DFF segment where you allow the employee to store the leave reduction with a Valueset like the below

              - Half Day on first day
              - Half Day on last day
              - Half day on first and half day last day

              Then, based on the DFF value, override the duration using Absence API hook.