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    When deploying to Weblogic Server, JDeveloper is unable to list servers

      I have created a BPEL project using JDeveloper
      Have created an Integration Server in the JDeveloper Application Server tab. While deploying the project using this Integration Server profile, JDeveloper is unable to list out servers. As a result, the NEXT button is grayed-out and the deployment prematurely halts and cannot continue any further.

      When deploying to Integrated Weblogic Server, JDeveloper is unable to list servers.
      I have taken the following actions:

      In JDeveloper, the proxy setting was initially turned off. So, I have turned it on and given it a try too.
      I have also gone through the proxy settings in my JDeveloper, proxy connection test was successful. I still dont see servers during development.

      I have also followed all steps on JDeveloper Help Tutorial on "41 Deploying SOA Composite Applications" and no success.

      Issue can be reproduced as below:
      The issue can be reproduced at will with the following steps:
      1. Create a SOA BPEL Composite
      2. Try Deploying the Composite
      3. In the JDeveloper Deploy Wizard, notice the SOA server is not listed.

      Please advice.

      Thanks in advance.