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    Schema missing from "Procedure Owner" drop down in "Form on Procedure"

    Mike Kutz

      I'm trying to create a "form on procedure" using a packaged procedure that is in another schema besides the workspace schema.
      I've done this before, but I can't get a 4th schema to be listed. The workspace schema + 2 others show up.

      Within apex_admin, all of the appropriate schemas are listed under "manage workspace to schema assignment".
      Within the workspace administration portal (ie login to the workspace as an administrator), all of the developers for that workspace have the "Accessible Schemas (null for all)" set to NULL.

      I've built the package in a 4th schema and ran:
      grant execute on the_new_package to workspace_schema_name;

      After many logout/login attempts, the 4th schema still does not show under the "Procedure Owner" drop-down list.
      (This is the 1st step of the "Create Form on Procedure" wizard.)

      If I grant another package (under one of the other two schemas), that package shows up.

      Am I missing something, or is there a limit?