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    Help to improve expdp performance and compression


      We have a oracle standard Edition which do not support parallel , compression features of expdp.

      The expdp dmp file is around 90GB and it takes 45 minutes to create in production server . Then the scripts compresses the file with gzip utility and compression takes 80 minutes.

      To copy the compressed file from prod to staging server it takes another 47 minutes .

      We have automated the process but it takes long time for expdp + compression + copy ( Around 3 hrs ) . On staging server it does take more than 4 hours to create the staging db.

      Is there anyway I can improve the performance of these 3 operations .

      Can I do compression while file is exporting ? I tried using pipes in unix and it doesn't work for expdp.

      We don't want to use network link .

      Will expdp commands writes the file sequentially ? If so , can I start gzipping parallely when files are exported .

      Also tried compressing with gzip -1 option , but it has increased the file size by 30% , and eventually increased the copy time to staging server .

      Please help

      Bharani J

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