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    Intercompany Transaction Flow Set-up when O/U's are not different

      I am seeking to know if it is possible, using I/M Intercompany Transaction Flow, to use the same O/U for start and end O/U? I can get the record into the system with same O/U's, but am denied nodes and the ability to use Intercompany Relations.

      My company currently relies on using the MTL_INTERCOMPANY_PARAMETERS record to point to the I/C CCID wherein seg6 contains the Intercompany segment of the g/L account. Understand, this is a customized method.

      The problem we are experiencing is the ship from customer is under the same O/U as the sold from. However, this is a differnet company legally and needs to be processesed as Intercompany.

      I think the answer is self-evident in the Oracle forms as to what is allowed or not, but perhaps there is something I am overlooking to allow me to utilize the function.
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          Currently Inter company invoicing functionality is available in Oracle only between two operating units. There is ER 14374454 pending with Oracle for enabling this feature for transfers between two LE's of same operating unit by enhancing the transaction flow form to accept the from LE and to LE and enabling the option for entering the inter company relations..You may update the ER with your customer name as well for oracle to expedite providing this solution

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            Hi EMSS,

            When you say intercompnay transactions, do you mean IR-ISO?

            We can create an IR and ISO both in same opearting unit. The whole setup is same as any other IR-ISO except for the setup in Intercompany transaction flow. Process wise, its exactly same upto ISO shipment and costing the material transactions.However, we will not be having any intercompany AR or AP invoices generated. The accounts are netted out. (we are using this in one of requiremetns and we are in R12.1.3. I am not sure from which version this is available)

            Coming to accounting transactions - we used SLA for hitting the right accounts as requried by business.

            Note: We cannot have any logical intercompany transactions within same OU.

            G V Ranjith