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    adrelink issue in windows 2008 R2


      i completed migration with you guys help successfully from 32bit to 64bit windows,now i am trying to relink ad executables, i opend SR,they suggested action,as per action plan i am not able to find appsora.cmd.

      can you please tell me where i can find the appsora.cmd.

      === ACTION PLAN ===
      1. Run %APPL_TOP%\envshell.cmd using either Windows Explorer or the Run command from the Start menu. This creates a Command Prompt window that
      contains the required environment settings for Oracle Applications. Run all subsequent commands in this Command Prompt window

      2. If you have made any changes to the environment, check that it is correctly set by typing the following commands
      C:\> echo %LOCAL%
      C:\> echo %ORACLE_HOME%
      C:\> echo %PATH%
      C:\> echo %APPL_CONFIG%

      3. Ensure all the PATH to the executables checked earlier using which command returns the PATH under cygwin directory
      ex: which sort or which make

      4. You must be sure to shut down the concurrent managers and other application tier services to avoid error like :
      Error executing cp -pf D:\oracle\mocdev\devapps\apps\apps_st\appl\au\12.0.0/bin/alr*.dll D:\oracle\mocdev\devapps\apps\apps_st\appl\alr\12.0.0/bin
      Please make sure file isn't being used.

      2.1 Open a command prompt.

      --> Start --> Run... --> type "cmd"

      2.2 Change to the APPL_TOP directory

      cd <full path of your APPL_TOP>

      *2.3 Source the E-Business Suite Environment Settings*


      I am not able to find the appsora.cmd under appl_top

      *2.4 Setup the UNIX Environment, needed for relinking*

      *2.4.1 Open a Unix shell :*

      i am not sure how to open this.as i am in windows environment.

      2.4.2 Source the E-Business Suite UNIX Environment.

      NOTE: This is a case sensitive command and the periods and slashes are important.

      2.5 relink the binarie(s) needed.

      adrelink.sh force=y "ad all"