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    How to transfer segment values to OFA(Express Database) in Release 12?

      We heavily use OFA. At this point, replacing OFA is not an option for us. We are planning to upgrade to release 12. My understanding is that Release 12 does not support "GL Link" functionality. I had opened an SR with Oracle Support and got their confirmation. They suggested that I should refer to the forum to look for alternatives. I guess our only option is to write custom code to fill this gap. I am wondering if anyone had already taken that route? Would appreciate if you could share your experience and help us towards finding a solution.

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          (1). First you have to understand the standard Express programs (for OFA-GL Link), and how dimensions and hierarchies information was extracted from Oracle tables into standard OFA structures. All those Express programs are probably still "hidden", so I am not sure without the key how will you look at the Express code.

          (2). In version 11.x of E-Business Suite R11i, I remember that hierarchy information used to come from Oracle tables:
               I don't know if these tables still exist in version R12 or not.
               So you will have to investigate how the segment and hierarchy information is stored in R12.

          (3). You will probably have to write your own code to populate standard OFA structures in OFAS. But without the above two pieces of information, I am not sure how will you do it.