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    Reporting Capabilities of OSM 7.2


      Could someone throw some light on the OSM 7.2 reporting capabilities?
      I found one document in the eDelivery documentation provided stated 'OSM Reporting Interface'.
      However, not able to understand this document.

      I need the reporting capability of OSM to display the 'Actual Duration' for execution of a every order as an extracted report.
      We can see the 'Actual Duration' for each order in the Process History, however, is there a way to view a similar column in the reporting tab from the OSM Task Client.

      Please treat this as urgent and provide your analysis.

      Thanks & Regards,
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          In the following link I-m sharing a document that explains how to configure and execute Reports Interface, This document contains screen shots that I captured during the configuration process, the text is in spanish but I think is a good to view the real interaction with that interface.

          In the Task Report and Process Report you can find a column Actual task duration in days.


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            Thanks AndresG,
            Will definitely follow the provided approach.

            Could you also inform if one can add a column to the existing 'Available Columns' in the query preferences of the OSM Task Client.
            For example, if one wants to display the 'Actual Duration' in a column as a result of the filters applied on the query.

            If this is possible it would be of great help.

            Thanks in advance,
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              In Design Studio open the Order and in the permissions tab you can add Flexible Headers.

              Flexible headers are additional columns of data that OSM Web client users can add (through the preferences settings) to their Worklist, Notification, and Query view lists.

              You define which data nodes the users can add in the Flexible Header field. The roles associated with the order can add these data nodes to their view lists so that they can view the data without having to access the corresponding editor.

              Click the Add button to access a list of data elements defined in the order template. The Description name you enter appears in the column header of the OSM Web client Worklist, Notifications, and Query views.


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                Thanks very much for the helpful answer.
                Could you please inform how can one calculate the 'Order Duration' for which an order processed and store it in an element, so as to include the same as a flexible header to be displayed in the query results as stated above?