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    AIA Cartridge - Cancel Order

      Hi There

      I'm implementing OSM Cartridges for AIA in the cartridges that I downloaded from e-delivery I can see a Fulfillment Mode Cancel which is referended in the different product specifications that the solution contains.

      In the past projects that I've implemented when I needed to cancel an order I invoked a Cancel Order method exposed for the Web Service API in OSM, and the order started to execute in undo mode but I've never implemented a fulfillment mode for cancel an order because I don't want to implement a different orchestration plan in this fufilliment mode which implies to calculate the point where the order is and the execution path that the order had.

      Reviewing the Order to Cash Integration Pack Implementation Guide in the dictionary section I found the following description about Cancel value in the Fulfillment Mode Attribute:

      CRM can cancel an order through a revision order with no order lines or by resending the order with Fulfillment Mode = Cancel. OM is expected to honor the two alternatives for canceling an order, providing no order lines reaches the point of no return.

      The questions are:

      -Which is the better option ?
      -How the option Fulfillment Mode = Cancel works ?
      -If I need to receive a revision order with no lines as the other option. CRM has a special option to drop all the items in the order ? because this can a extensive process.

      Thank's in advance

      Best Regards