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    How to build a javafx project to a runnable jar file on JDK6 platform?

      Hi friends,

      I have used netbeans and javafx builder to develop a javafx project. After I run it in netbeans, a runnable jar file is produced in the "dist" file in project file.
      It works perfectly on my JDK7 platform!

      But now I need to put it on the JDK6 platform......
      I want to use ant to build it.
      I have followed the advice in Chapter 9 of the "Getting Started with JavaFX Builder" article, the link is : http://docs.oracle.com/javafx/scenebuilder/1/get_started/compile-run.htm#BABEGIAA

      I used build.xml(the proginal build.xml from netbeans project) in the ant script.But it failed in step compile.

      Have you got any cool idea to do this?
      (I have successfully builded a javafx project which didn't use javafx builder, because it didn't have the .fxml files. I don't know how deal with .fxml files, so I used the oroginal build.xml in netbeans project files)

      Hope you can help me! Thank you very much!