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    Disabling some actions completely...


      My customer would like me to make it impossible to do some things in IdM on a specific resource... this due to these actions really hurting these resources when performed...

      so, query... for the real experts here maybe?

      in the Resources
      we want to make it impossible to "open" the folder of a specific resource making it impossible to get it to lists the user under that specific one.
      The reason being that there are many million users possible to find, but IdM is only controlling a subset of them
      clicking that "unfold" will send a "give me all users" command to the resource and that is NOT GOOD :P

      I am going into the resource to see if I can "limit" this in some way, but I am also putting the question here if someone already knows...

      There are only a handful of admins that can reach this resource in this manner, but accidents DO happen.