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    SnpsFTP not working with Windows domain/username

      Hi All

      We are using the following script to delete a file in FTP server. Works well with UNIX FTP server but fails with WINDOWS FTP server. Windows FTP username happens to be of format "domain/username". Is backslash causing the issue?


      import snpsftp
      ftp = snpsftp.SnpsFTP('#PVV_SFTP_SERVER', ur"#PVV_SFTP_USER", 'PVV_PLAINPWD')
      ftp.delete ('#PVV_SFTP_FOLDER/#PVV_FILE_NAME');

      Error Message

      org.apache.bsf.BSFException: exception from Jython:
      Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "<string>", line 2, in <module>
      File "/apps/oracle/product/ODI11116_frsh/oracledi.sdk/lib/Lib/snpsftp.py", line 50, in __init__
      self.connect(host, port)
      File "/apps/oracle/product/ODI11116_frsh/oracledi.sdk/lib/Lib/snpsftp.py", line 58, in connect
      self.ftp.connect(host, port)
      File "/apps/oracle/product/ODI11116_frsh/oracledi.sdk/lib/Lib/ftplib.py", line 129, in connect
      raise socket.error, msg
      socket.error: (146, 'Connection refused')

      Prasad Jayakumar